Workshop Bureau

Association members have access to the Media & Learning Workshop Bureau. This bureau contains information about how to set up workshops and training events on different media & learning related topics with the names and background information on suggested workshop leaders and trainers. Sample workshop programmes are provided as well as basic information about the type of training that can be provided, language availability, duration and technical requirements. Topics include: Creation and use of video for teaching and learning purposes, Basic animation techniques, Creating educational apps, Combining Music and interactive technology, and Use of documentary for teaching.

The bureau provides members with contacts, information and support which they can use to set up workshops and other training events related to media and learning. In the members area you will find a set of fiches with information about trainers and experts who we can recommend to deliver high-quality and appropriate training to your target group. Many of the trainers and topics listed in the fiches have already been involved in training activities related to one of the MEDEA projects or have been involved in a previous edition of the Media & Learning Conference.