Communications Service

The communication service that is available to members is made up of several elements. First of all members have preferential access to the monthly Media & Learning Newsletter, now being distributed to over 11,000 email addresses. Most of those addressed in the newsletter are based in Europe and includes a significant number of stakeholder and decision-makers as well as practitioners. Secondly, members can access the Media & Learning webinar service which provides them with both advisory services on how to successfully set up and use webinars for teaching and learning purposes as well as usage of the service itself. Finally, members can avail of specialised advice on how to set up and manage a Europe-wide dissemination campaign based on having access to multiplier channels in different parts of Europe.

The objective of this service is to provide members with several facilities to enhance their communications and disseminations activities. There are 3 sub-services provided in this area:

  • Preferential access to the monthly Media & Learning Newsletter
  • Access the Media & Learning webinar service
  • Specialised advice on European dissemination actions

Media & Learning Newsletter

The monthly Media & Learning Newsletter has been in operation since August 2009. The number of people receiving this newsletter has been growing steadily in this time. This newsletter is currently sent to over 11,000 email addresses mostly in Europe. Association members are invited to submit any of the following:

  • Short news articles about relevant developments and projects – maximum 100 words + an image and a link to a relevant website
  • News about forthcoming events – maximum 100 words + an image and a link to a relevant website
  • More in-depth article about recent developments, core activities or interesting projects – maximum 100 words + an image and a link to a relevant website

Note the final decision regarding inclusion rests with the editorial team.

Media & Learning webinar service

Webinars provide a useful opportunity to share experience and know-how, to build skills and knowledge and to plan successful collaborative ventures. Setting up and organising webinars requires both a functioning service and an adequate level of know-how as to how to set up and operate a webinar successfully. Partners in the MEDEA/Media & Learning community have been using webinars successful since 2011 and a series of recordings of webinars in the Media & Learning domain is now available, see

Media & Learning Association members can avail of a webinar booking and advisory service to plan and realise their own educational webinars which can then we added to the repository of webinars already available.

Advice on European dissemination actions

Association members are likely to be involved in several cross-border collaborative projects many of which will require some form of dissemination. The MEDEA Association has established an extensive list of multipliers as well as significant experience in managing successful dissemination campaigns.