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How to move beyond lecture capture: Technology guide

How to move beyond lecture capture: Technology guide in English 
authors: Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT, Belgium

This guide provides information on the current state-of-the-art and types of lecture capture, it goes deeper into several functionalities (eg. interactivity, voice recognition, subtitling, social mark-up, automated indexing and metadata, integration with VLE platforms etc.). The guide also includes a chapter on technical trends and developments as well as a part about common fears. Last but not least it gives an overview of suppliers active in the lecture capture market and a matrix which can help you to make a comparison between lecture capture systems and services and its functionalities.

How to move beyond lecture capture: Pedagogy guide

How to move beyond lecture capture: Pedagogy guide  in English
authors: Clive Young, UCL, UK and Sylvia Moes, VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands

This guide gives you an introduction to the phenomenon of lecture capture, the impact it can have, student and teacher attitudes towards this technology in past years, and it also discusses questions like "What is the effect on attendance of students and on the lecture itself?". The guide explains more about the active learning model and goes deeper into other pedagogical models that can be used in a lecture capture or blended learning setting. Another chapter is dedicated to the case studies as an outcome of the REC:all project, they can be useful for anyone looking for good examples of lecture capture use and/ or flipped learning. In the last part the RECall framework is presented which can help you to better understand the learning design and pedagogical choices made in each case study.

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