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M&L webinar: Open licensing of content in Higher Education

MEDEAnet webinar: Media Resources in the Classroom. Historiana and Europeana

MEDEAnet Webinar: Digital Ethics

M&L webinar: Cost-Effectiveness in Lecture Capture – finding ways to reduce costs and maximise impact

MEDEAnet webinar: E-book Creation

M&L webinar: Students using weblectures: do they perform better?

MEDEAnet webinar: A step before editing: how to help a student group work collectively (in GREEK)

Creating short animation films with Moving Image Techniques

During the workshop the participants will acquire the basic concepts through hands-on experimentation with various techniques of simple animation and the basic procedure of editing. The participants will create short film sequences.These workshops are intended for educators and beginners who are interested in acquiring basic skills of Moving Image Techniques and how they can be applied in the classroom. The workshop has both theoretical and practical elements.

Creating Moving Image Films in the Classroom

This workshop is intended for educators who are interested in an introduction to the basics of Moving Image Techniques and how they can be applied in the classroom.

Producing video for Teacher training


Participants will be able to recognise the importance of video production for teacher training, describe the procedures for planning and shooting the videos and be able to use printed Study Guides for effective study of the classroom videos.