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Publishing your own app for Apple or Android: a how-to guide for beginners

This workshop is intended for beginners who need to develop their own materials for the mobile device market. We will cover the basics by setting up and building an Adobe Single Edition title and take it all the way to the app store, a PhoneGap app and Apple eBook builder.

Basics of creating simple educational apps


Participants will be introduced to the general value apps can have in enhancing learning opportunities. Guided demonstration sessions by a trainer with a lot of experience in creating educational apps will be used to highlight techniques for app creation.

Technology Inspired Music in Education Workshops


The aims of the music curriculum are to enable the experience of excitement, satisfaction and self-confidence. All these core values are incorporated into teacher training workshops in order to let the child in us be the key to all invention and creativity. The incorporation of technology in teacher training music workshops develops a confidence and independence through taking the initiative, making decisions, individually and as a member of a group, through composition and performance activities. These attributes can then be successfully communicated to the child as outlined in the broad objectives of the music curriculum.

Making documentaries Level 1-2


Brainstorming techniques. Researching and developing a script for short documentary. References and inspiration from the history of documentary. Shooting techniques, and tips for sound recording, introduction to editing as an art and craft. Projection of groups works, comments and reflections. Level 2 develops deeper in each of these areas and advances existing skills.

Introduction to Media Literacy


Participants will learn the basics of visual language, the principles of how to deconstruct and "read" a short film through its creative components, how to create images with symbolic meanings, the importance of the close up and wide shot as well as how to build a short story with beginning, middle and end.

Creation and use of video for teaching and learning purposes


Aimed at enthusiastic educators who would like to create their own educational video materials, this course combines theoretical and practical elements. It will raise awareness as to the value video can bring to teaching and learning and will equip the participant with the necessary basic skills to create and share own educational video materials.