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Media and Learning Association

M&L Webinar: Defining Video Pedagogy and activating interaction

Watch the recording of the M&L webinar: Defining Video Pedagogy and activating interaction

This webinar series is organised by the Media & Learning Association and features presentations and talks related to the themes and interests of the association. This includes those themes underlining the Media & Learning Association conference that took place in Brussels on 10-11 March 2016. These live webinars are open to all – you simply have to sign-up.

Many people argue that video has a huge potential in terms of learner engagement, that by including quizzes and opportunities for interaction through video it is much easier to involve learners even in remote learning contexts. During this webinar we will be discussing this topic and sharing good practice on learner engaging as well as attempting to define different types of video pedagogies.

This webinar was held on 19 May 2016.

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