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How to move beyond lecture capture: Legal guide

How to move beyond lecture capture: Legal Guide in English and French
authors: Gérard Casanova, Yacine Abboud & Joy Peynet (Université de Lorraine, France)

This guide gives more background information on copyright in general and as the details of these laws are different in each country you can find some more information on the situation in the UK, France and the Netherlands as examples. Further on the guide describes "the general rules" for using copyrighted material in web lectures specifically. The guide includes information on Open Educational Resources and Creative Common Licences and also discusses what to take into consideration when (re)using your own material or student material. Another chapter is dedicated to "the right to a person’s image" and another chapter focuses on "publicly broadcast materials or commercially produced materials" and how you can or cannot use them in your classroom. Finally the guide describes what you should consider when you want to protect resources that you have created and gives you some other useful tips when making podcasts or recording lectures.

This is a guide in a series of three, named "How to move beyond lecture capture". They were the final outcomes of the European Lifelong learning project REC:all which run from 2010-2013. The guides are now being officially published by the Media & Learning Association which took the initiative to exploit the project activities. A SIG Lecture Capture and Video Use in Higher Education was created, the main activities are the organisation of regular webinars and a pre-conference workshop on Video in Higher Education before the Media & Learning Conference in Brussels.

REC:all researched how lectures are currently being captured and used, exploring learning designs for flexible and off-campus delivery, reviewing technical, pedagogical and legal issues with an aim to producing practical guidelines such as this one to help teachers. The project has developed an active community of practitioners in this exciting area, the community can be joined via


The other guides can be found here: Pedagogy guide (EN) & Technology guide (EN)