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M&L Webinar: New formats and applications of video in higher education

M&L Webinar: New formats and applications of video in higher education

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 16:00 - 17:00

M&L webinar: New formats and applications of video in higher education

Thursday 16 March 2017 - 16.00 CET 

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This webinar explored different video-based formats; including web documentaries, knowledge clips and knowledge capture.



Thomas Hurkxkens, Leiden University, The Netherlands


With a background in both global journalism and documentary directing, Thomas' main aim is to improve the audio-visual learning experience of online courses at the Online Learning Lab of the Centre for Innovation. Together with teachers and students, the video-team works on both new audio-visual techniques as well as storytelling and presentation skills. The primary focus is on producing Massive Open Online Courses and that way contribute to the goal of the Online Learning Lab: exploring how online learning developments can contribute to strengthen both the University’s education and research, and exploring the potential of online learning environments for the creation of new knowledge.

Gérard Casanova, Université de Lorraine, France

gerard casanova

Gérard is a lecturer at Université de Lorraine and currently works in the digital utilisation department (direction des usages du numérique). He has been actively involved in digital learning for more than 15 years where the focus of his work has been on the creation and tutoring of online training courses and the support and training of those responsible for the design and production of learning resources as well as tutoring at a distance. Gérard’s work has included pedagogical responsibility for a full online masters course.


Michele Archambault, Université de Strasbourg, France


PHd in Information and Communication Sciences, researcher at CRESAT (Center for Research on Economics, Society, Arts and Technology), she teaches at the Higher School of Professorship and Education, component of the University of Strasbourg, where she is co-head of Master MEEF Documentation and project manager at La Fabrique de l'Espe, site for pedagogical innovation.





Sónia Hetzner, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany


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