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M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs

M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs

Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 14:30 - 15:30

M&L webinar: Exploring different video formats in MOOCs



Thursday 9 April 2015 

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In recent years, MOOCs have become an increasingly popular option for continued, advanced learning at zero cost, allowing students, lifelong learners and professionals to acquire new skills and improve their knowledge and employability. Critics warn that there is a need to examine these new approaches through a critical lens to ensure they are effective and evolve beyond traditional lecture-style pedagogies.
In this one-hour webinar we talked about the use of videos in MOOCs, discussing their format, value and advantages/disadvantages with Deborah Arnold (University of Burgundy) and Annemarie Zand Scholten (University of Amsterdam). 
Will MOOC videos replace lectures? How important is the design of video in a MOOC and what are its characteristics?

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Deborah Arnold, University of Burgundy, France


After studying French and linguistics at Aston University in Birmingham (UK), Deborah took a Masters in Media and Communication Studies at the University of Burgundy. She worked as an English trainer in Greece; as Director of Studies for a language training institute in Dijon, France; at BBC Learning English. After more than ten years developing, coordinating and participating in transnational projects under the LLP and eLearning programmes at Vidéoscop-Université Nancy 2, she joined the University of Burgundy, where she works as Director of the AIDE-numérique department, supporting the development of digital 

pedagogy for on-campus, distance and blended courses and producing online educational resources. In particular, she is involved in the EMMA project, for which her department produced two MOOCs. She also teaches and is involved in several national and European networks and communities of practice in the fields of ICT and digital media for education, serving on the Executive Committee of EDEN, and the Steering Committee of UOH, the French Open University for the Humanities.


Annemarie Zand Scholten, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Annemarie Zand-Scholten currently divides her time between coordinating Blended Learning at the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, managing the premaster programs for Social Sciences (SS) and Child Development and Educational Sciences (CDES) and lecturing at the department of CDES. Her research focuses on quantitative measurement in psychology. She is interested in the possibilities of combining representational measurement theory and psychometric latent variable modeling to ascertain the measurement level of psychological properties and the risk of inferential error when performing parametric tests. Courses she currently teaches include Methods and Statistics in Educational Sciences in the CDES research master and 'Toegepaste Methodenleer en Statistiek' or TMLS, a second year bachelor course on research methods and statistics. She has developed a MOOC on Coursera on quantitative research methods and I am coordinating the production of four more MOOCs on methods and statistics.


Blair Stevenson, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland



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