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Media & Learning Talking Heads: Copyright DIY

Media & Learning Talking Heads: Copyright DIY

Monday, October 26, 2015 - 16:00 - 17:00

M&L Talking Heads: Copyright DIY

This webinar series is organised by the Media & Learning Association and features presentations and talks related to the themes and interests of the association. This includes those themes underlining the Media & Learning Association conference taking place in Brussels on 10-11 March 2016. These live webinars are open to all – you simply have to sign-up.


Monday 26 October 2015 - 16.00 CET 

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This webinar on intellectual property rights is the kick off session for a 6 week MOOC entitled Copyright – DIY led by Mathy Vanbuel from ATiT. During this first 1 hour long session entitled “From the Statute of Anne to Beyoncé” Mathy will provide an introduction as to where our current practices in IPR come from, what the different intellectual property rights are and how they affect all of us one way or the other whether we like it or not. This session and the rest of the MOOC is intended to be a practical introduction for anyone (teacher, writer, artist, student, consumer...) who creates original materials or who uses, reuses, mixes and adapts original materials that were created by others.


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Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT, Belgium


With a background in audio-visual production, Mathy worked for the audio-visual service of the Catholic University of Leuven for more than 15 years as director and production manager. Since 1998, he is co-director of ATiT. He is regularly called upon to offer consultancy services in the integration of specific ICT tools and services in the education process and clients have included the European Commission, the European Space Agency, JISC, The World Bank, various Ministries of Education in Europe, Africa and Asia, and others. Mathy was Chair of the Technical Working Group of the Global Development Learning Network and Education Technology Advisor to the Association of African Development Learning Centres. He is author of several publications on the use of media in education and of scenarios of use of media in education.



Sally Reynolds, Media & Learning Association, Belgium

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