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MEDEAnet webinar: Social Media Use in the Classroom

MEDEAnet webinar: Social Media Use in the Classroom

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 16:00 - 17:00

MEDEAnet webinar: Programming as creativity

16 October, 16:00- 17:00 CET


Social media can be a very powerful tool that supports innovative types of learning and teaching. In this one-hour MEDEAnet webinar you will get an overview on how educators in schools can use social media to enrich teaching and learning in various different ways and what has to be considered.

This session helps you to understand the possibilities and challenges social media is offering and how it can be used in a fruitful and educationally valuable way. This webinar is aimed at teachers, educators and media producers interested in social media for learning.


Gabriella Cseh, Head of Public Policy for Central and Eastern Europe for Facebook

Head of Public Policy for Central and Eastern Europe for Facebook; lawyer. Currently, Gabriella covers public policies and regulatory relations of Facebook in the CEE region, focusing on issues related to data protection, safety,  privacy,  job creation and the economic impact of Facebook in Europe, the open Internet, and more broadly the social value generated by Internet-related services. Prior to joining Facebook, she was the executive director of Hungarian Public Service Radio for four years and the external relations director for PanTel telecommunications Ltd for seven years. Gabriella has also served as a diplomat and a civil servant.


Gijs Palsrok, English teacher, Netherlands

Gijs Palsrok is a second generation teacher of English for students of the ages 12-16. As a young enthusiast he reshapes both form and content of the classical educational system. He is a big advocate for social media in the classroom. He uses and twitter (@meestergijs) for all his students who want to continue practising when at home and uses websites and tools in class for more effective instruction, Q&A with/between students and for fairer testing. According to Palsrok “We as teachers have to continuously move our comfort zone to improve our education.” Palsrok doesn’t only teach, he also talks and writes about education.

This webinar was organised by the M&L Association SIG Lecture Capture and Video use in Higher Education in collaboration with Mediasite by Sonicfoundry

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