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Media and Learning Association

Media and Learning News is published at the beginning of each month and is sent to more than 12,000 readers. It highlights general news and information about the use of media in education and training including interesting publications, events, initiatives, websites, projects, tools and information about various festivals and other competitions related to the use of media aimed at the education and training sector.

The core themes for the next Media & Learning Conference which will be held on 10–11 March 2016 at the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training in Brussels were announced today. Organised under the banner title of Enriching learning through media education and media literacy, Media & Learning 2016 is all about sharing ideas, comparing experiences and building robust solutions to create learning that matters.

The new M&L webinar “Video in HE – what are your plans for 2015-2016?” will take place on Thursday 10 September (15:00 CEST). It will take stock of the situation in the use of video in higher education and hightlight the plans and the challenges to face for the coming year.

The annual MEDEA Awards for 2016 was launched at the beginning of July, with the announcement of several new prizes and a reminder of the deadline for submissions, which is 30 November 2015. 

The new M&L webinar “Video in a multilingual context” will take place on Thursday 11 June (15:00 CEST). It will hightlight the use and application of high-quality automatic translation and transcription systems in MOOCs to provide access to the learning materials in multiple languages.

The new M&L webinar “Recent findings from research on video & pedagogy” will take place on Thursday 7 May (15:00 CET). It will hightlight some of the recent research activities on video in education.

Coming up this Thursday 9 April (14:30 CET), the new M&L webinar “Exploring different video formats in MOOCs” will illustrate how videos are used in Massive Open Online Courses and which characteristics and design a video content should have to be effective in a MOOC.

On Wednesday 18 March, the M&L Association and the Educational Radiotelevision will organise a webinar on "Greek winners in the Medea-Awards 2014". The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media in education. The awards also promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources.

Coming up this Thursday 12 March (15:00 CET), the new M&L webinar “Defining the market: trends for products and interactivity” will focus on the question: how is the use of video in education evolving and what trends should we expect for the near future?

On Thursday 5 February the M&L Association SIG on Lecture Capture & Video Use in HE will organise another webinar this time on "the creation of videos to support students’ learning".Videos are increasingly being used to support student learning with students either viewing videos or participating in the production of videos as part of their studies. This webinar will showcase two case studies from different parts in Europe (Finland & UK), where video is used to support, improve and activate student’s learning.