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Media and Learning Association

Sally Reynolds from ATiT is taking part on behalf of the Media & Learning Association in the Media Literacy Expert Group organised by the European Commission on 15 November in Brussels. About 90 people are involved from all over Europe either as representatives of their governments or representing International organisations active in this area like the Media & Learning Association. Topics include empowering citizens with critical thinking tools and building bridges between the media industry and the education sector.

The Media & Learning Association have announced that the next Media & Learning Conference will take place on 6-7 April 2017 in KVAB, The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, right beside the Royal Palace in the centre of Brussels. Media & Learning 2017 is all about inspiring, informing and sharing great ideas on what it means to be a digital citizen and how media fits into this process.

The 9th edition of the annual MEDEA Awards has been announced, the deadline for submissions is 1 December 2016. The aim of the MEDEA Awards is to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media (audio, video, graphics and animation) in education as well as recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources. There are two main awards, the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Educational Media and the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media.

Read this month's newsletter here. Highlights include an article by Gwen Lawrie on video blogs as a way to support chemistry students in Australia, Aleksandra Andonoska writing about her eTwinning project for schools, Fiona L. Scott describing her research into the media practices of pre-schoolers and announcements about the forthcoming Media & Learning Conferene and MEDEA Awards.

This month's newsletter is now available here

This months highlights include:

A new M&L webinar is taking place next week and we would like to invite you to join and to give your contribution to the discussion. The details: 

Media and Learning News is published at the beginning of each month and is sent to about 12,000 readers.

3000 people from all over the world took part in the 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) which took place in Baku. Azerbaijan on 26-27 April. Set up in 2004 to explore the roots of polarisation between societies and to recommend a program of action to address this issue.

Media and Learning News is published at the beginning of each month and is sent to about 12,000 readers. It highlights general news and information about the use of media in education and training including interesting publications, events, initiatives, websites, projects, tools and information about various festivals and other competitions related to the use of media aimed at the education and training sector.

The next M&L webinar "4K, 3D and other video-related developments" will take place on 21 April 2016 at 15:00 CEST. Is 4K video just another hype or does it offer new possibilities in education? During this webinar we will be discussing 4K as well as 3D and several other new developments of particular interest to the higher education community.

Our two speakers will be: