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Media and Learning Association

About the Association


The Media & Learning Association or to give it its full name the MEDEA : MEDIA & LEARNING ivzw is an international, not-for-profit association with its headquarters in Belgium. The Association promotes and stimulates the use of media as a way to enhance innovation and creativity in teaching and learning across all levels of education in Europe. Here’s what it does and how it operates:

  • The association has a proven reputation for organising timely, high-profile and quality driven events. One of the main activities is the organisation of the annual  Media & Learning Conference which is organised in collaboration with partners including the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, KU Leuven and the European Commission.

The conference also organises the annual  MEDEA Awards  an annual Media in Education competition organised by the Association to recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media-rich learning resources.

The association operates a number of dissemination channels including the monthly  Media & Learning Newsletter   sent to over 11,000 email addresses each month, a full set of operational social media channels and a webinar service as well as having an established reputation for creating and distributing information in multiple languages across Europe.

The association also offers the possibility of providing skilled support in dissemination planning and realisation, video production, web development and design, online community set-up and support as well as specialist services like graphics, lay-out & translation. At the moment the Media & Learning association has 30 organisational, sponsoring and network members in 17 different countries all engaged in innovative learning activities who can be harnessed to facilitate impact and validation. Interested? Download the application form  here

The annual membership of the Media & Learning Association is 500 Euros.

Members of the Media & Learning Association Board 2019-2020 


Sonia Hetzner


 Sonia Hetzner, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany (President) 




 Yvonne Crotty, Dublin City University, Ireland (Secretary) 




 Mathy Vanbuel, ATiT, Belgium (Treasurer) 




 Wim Van Petegem, KU Leuven, Belgium (Past President) 




 Bernard Mullarkey, IADT, Ireland 




 Gérard Casanova, Université de Lorraine, France


Tom Visscher


 Tom Visscher, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands


Maarit Jaakkola


 Maarit Jaakkola, Nordicom, Sweden




 Janne Länsitie, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Predrag Pale


 Predrag Pale, University of Zagreb, Croatia 


Anke Pesch


 Anke Pesch, LIMEL, KU Leuven, Belgium 


Carel Jansen


 Carel Jansen, Centre for Innovation - Leiden University, Netherlands 


For more information, please contact us at:

Leuvensesteenweg 132
3370 Roosbeek

+32 16 28 40 40

Sally Reynolds -